5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Making so Much Noise

Have you ever gone outside to open your garage door, and it’s so loud you can’t hear your car start? If this noise is happening more frequently, it might be time to look into a repair. The following are five reasons and some remedies.

1. The Pneumatic Spring Is Not Functioning Properly

If your garage door is making so much noise that you can’t open it without earplugs or an alarm, it may be time to inspect the pneumatic spring. A pneumatic spring’s job is to create enough force to open and close the garage door. Broken spring may not properly function hence causing noises.

2. The Spring Shaft Needs Replacing

If your garage door is making so much noise that it’s nearly impossible to open, it could be time to replace the spring shaft so that the pneumatic spring can work properly. The spring shaft is typically made from 5/16 inch steel, and it is attached to the hinges that move your garage door. Take a look at how well the hinge is moving, and if it seems loose, replace it with a new one.

3. The Wobble Bar Is Broken

Another way to fix a garage door making too much noise is to replace the wobbly bar. The unstable bar is made up of steel, and it’s attached between the springs and the hinges. Though some garage doors are made with aluminum bars, those typically break more easily than steel bars. If you have a wobbly bar, try replacing it with one from a different garage door.

4. The Bell is Broken

If you hear your garage door rattling, you might have to replace the bell on the other side of your garage door. The bell is typically made from steel and is attached to the springs in your garage. If the bell has started rusting, look carefully at the hinge where it’s connected, and replace it if necessary. It’s always good if you also clean out any rust or loose parts near where the bell attaches to your garage door so that it doesn’t rattle anymore.

5. The Limit Button Is Broken

Sometimes when your garage door makes too much noise, you might need to replace the limit button. This is the button that stops your garage door from opening all the way. When you press this button, it can cause the springs in your entries to move, which can make things bumpy inside your garage.


After purchasing a new garage door opener, it should be a top-quality model with all necessary functions working on time and safely. If it isn’t, you can have trouble downgrading your garage door. A kit for replacing spring will only work if everything else is working as intended and needs to be of classic condition for safety reasons and repairability of your doors’ parts.

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