From Noisy to Quiet: How to Silence a Squeaky Garage Door

Nothing is more annoying than a squeaky garage door. Not only does it make your ears cringe, but you may be worried that neighbors can hear it too! Don’t worry – there are lots of simple ways to silence a noisy garage door without having to replace the entire unit or hire an expensive professional. In this blog post, we will discuss how to identify the cause of the noise and the steps you can take to help get rid of it for good. With the right tools and methods, you’ll have that pesky squeaking eliminated in no time! So, if you’re ready to finally put a stop to those loud rumbles coming off your garage every time someone opens or closes it, let’s jump into our guide and learn how! 

First things first, it’s important to identify the root of your squeaking. Generally speaking, many garage door noises result from a lack of maintenance and lubrication. Over time, the metal parts on the door can start to rust, corrode, or simply become dry without regular maintenance and oiling. This is especially true for older doors that may have been neglected in terms of upkeep over the years. In this case, you’ll want to apply some lubricant directly on the affected area(s). We recommend using an oil-based product – like WD-40 – as it’s less likely to attract dirt or dust than other options. Once you’ve applied the lubricant, allow it a few minutes to set in before running any tests. 

Another common cause of squeaky garage door noise is weather stripping. This strip, which lines the bottom edge of the door, helps keep drafts and dirt out – but if it’s damaged or worn out it can cause a lot of rackets! To check your strips for wear and tear, look at them closely and see if there are any tears or if they have become brittle over time. If so, then replacing them should do the trick! You can find replacement weather stripping in many hardware stores (or online) that will fit most standard-sized garage doors. 

Finally, you may want to consider checking the rollers on your door to make sure they are properly aligned and lubricated as well. If they are not, it could be causing unnecessary friction and noise when the door is opened or closed. To check your rollers, open the garage door all the way and note if any of them look off-kilter or like they are no longer in their original position. You’ll also want to inspect each roller for rust and corrosion – and if you find any then lubricating them should help get rid of the squeaking noises. 

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can silence a noisy garage door quickly without having to break out your wallet. Just remember, regular maintenance is key to making sure your door stays quiet for years to come – so make sure you’re routinely oiling and cleaning all moving parts, as well as checking weather strips and rollers for wear and tear. 

However, if you’re still having trouble with a squeaky garage door, contact us today at Crews Garage Door. We install, repair, and replace garage doors for years now so you can rest assured that our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge and the right equipment for more complex problems like fixing saggy panels, loose drums or noisy openers. So don’t let a pesky squeal drag you down and disrupt your everyday life – give us a call and free yourself from that irritating noise!


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