Garage Door Alert: 4 Common Problems To Be Aware Of

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Garage doors are built with a fairly simple mechanism. Most homeowners take it for granted due to its effortless functions and the lack of expensive maintenance. The only time you truly notice the door and all its parts and components is when something goes wrong. Like, when you are all prepped to go to work and you pressed the button on the garage door opener, then nothing happens.  

Over time, just like any other stuff in your house, garage doors encounter issues that require immediate repair. Here are the most common garage door problems that you should not ignore.

Noisy Garage Door

One of the most noticeable problems is a noisy garage door. It can indicate a number of issues such as broken door hinges or broken springs. It could also be the result of worn-out rollers that run in the metal tracks, and their bearing stops rolling smoothly. Moreover, a popping or squeaking sound when your door moves can indicate a problem with the door’s rollers. 

A noisy track can sometimes be greased for smoother operation. However, it is still best to hire a professional garage door repair service to avoid more expensive problems such as getting stuck or jammed up along the path.

Remote Malfunction

Residential and commercial garage door remote controls allow you to get into and out of our garage. When the remote malfunctions, the garage door won’t close or open regardless of how many times you press it. Sometimes, it can be repaired by changing the batteries of the remote. In some cases, it may be a transmission issue. You may have a broken or defective transmitter that needs to be replaced. 

Door Closes and Reopens

When the garage door opener decides to take a day off, it can leave you stuck outside or may cause a delay in your errands. Also, when the door closes and reopens on its own, it can compromise your security. You may need to try a second time to close the door. 

Keep in mind that garage door openers have “limit settings” that control the open and close functions. An incorrect setting may cause it to remain open or closed in the wrong position. As such, it may require adjustments and re-synching occasionally. 

In addition, this may be caused by faulty sensors. These sensors detect if something is in the way and will cause the door to reopen. 

Door Won’t Open All The Way

If your garage door won’t open all the way, it may require immediate repair. There are a number of reasons why your door isn’t opening at a full capacity such as damaged rollers or an up limit that needs readjusting. On some occasions, the weather may play a role in this issue. For example, during winter, weather can stiffen the rollers which may lead to the rollers’ malfunction. Hence, you may need to adjust the door opener’s sensitivity. If the door still won’t open all the way, then it is time to call a garage door repair technician.


In a nutshell, there are all sorts of reasons for a broken garage door. If you see any of the previous garage door problems in your home, or you encounter a different issue, you need to investigate first. You can troubleshoot the situation to determine the cause of the problem and if basic actions do not correct the problem, then, it’s best to call for a professional. 

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