Should I Repair Or Replace My Garage Door?

Garage doors are valuable appliances enabling homeowners to more easily navigate in and out of one of the most heavily trafficked areas of their residences. However, over time, and like any other contraption, age will take its toll causing the item’s performance to decline. Under said circumstances, you are often left wondering whether to replace a part in the door or simply invest in a new one.

When To Repair A Garage Door?

Not all garage door-related issues are in need of full replacements. Sometimes, a small to moderate repair is enough to get your garage door back on track. If you notice the following signs, you may want to consider repairing your garage door:

  • The Door Seems Heavy

One common problem plaguing garage doors is a sudden feeling of heaviness. Professionals in the know maintain that this problem often results from failing springs. Springs enable doors to move faster and more freely. Fortunately, however, the remediation of such parts is typically not an expensive or challenging fix.

  • The Door Appears to be Sagging

When a garage door sags, it often fails to close properly, which may lead to said contraption only shutting partially. Luckily, this problem can be corrected through the implementation of new springs and subsequent re-hinging. Neither of these processes are usually complicated or pricey.

  • Damage Is Limited To A Single Panel

When external damage is limited to only a single panel, repair is usually recommended. In fact, in many instances, garage door manufacturers sell single panel replacements to insert in place of damaged components.

  • The Door Suddenly Ceases Operation

Homeowners often believe that the abrupt cessation of garage door function results from some type of major event. That said, in numerous instances, the problem is brought forth by failing remote batteries or some other minor fix.

Occasions To Replace A Garage Door

Many homeowners and property owners may not know when they should begin thinking about replacing their garage doors, especially if they are unfamiliar with home renovations or when the garage door was installed. If you have been wondering if your garage door needs replaced, look out for the following signs:

  • The Door Is Old

If the door has been in place for more than 10 years, homeowners shoulder consider a replacement. As your door grows older, its chances of developing more frequent and serious issues increases.

  • If The Door Has Not Operated Properly For A While

Doors that have not been working optimally for any appreciable amount of time should be replaced. Minor problems left unattended often morph into more moderate to severe concerns as time progresses. Additionally, unaddressed problems often precipitate breakages to other components.

  • Severe Damage Has Occurred

Doors subjected to severe damage require replacement. In instances where numerous panels were fouled due to weather phenomena, errant objects, or erratic driving, replacement would likely cost less than the labor and parts needed to fix the existing structure.

  • Doors Lack Important Safety Features

Homeowners with young children or pets are strongly urged to invest in products containing safety features like sensors capable of detecting motion and stopping the door’s progress. These amenities could prevent serious injuries to these potentially vulnerable subjects. Though often overlooked, safety experts stress that garage door-related injuries often occur and can be significant.

Final Considerations

Garage door repair or replacement should be completed by professionals. Garage doors are intricate products containing numerous pertinent components. Therefore, inexperienced or unfamiliar individuals could risk further damaging the door or placing the welfare of themselves and their loved ones in peril by attempting self-remediation or installation.

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