What to Do If Your Garage Door Experiences a Power Outage

If you utilize a garage door opener, then you know how important it is to be able to use that control after a power outage. If your garage door opener has a backup battery, then it may not require much effort to get your garage door open again.

Ways on how to restart your garage door after a power outage

Check the battery of your garage door opener. If you can look into the battery compartment and see some black substance that looks like tar, you will know that there is no charge left in your battery. Possible Solutions: You can try to jump-start your garage door with another car or a working electrical device. You can call a professional electrician who can come over to fix the problem or replace the battery if you know how to remove it. Note: You shouldn’t remove the backup battery if you do not know how to deal with it because there might be fumes that can come out from the backup battery that can harm your health.

Check if there is a loose connection on your garage door opener.

This is one of the most common problems homeowners encounter with a garage door opener prone to power outages. This is especially true for homeowners who live in areas with many storms due to lightning. Possible Solutions: Check the connection between your garage door and the overhead door mechanism (you would be looking for two wires connected to your garage door opener), then tighten it securely. The same will apply if you have any disconnected or loose connection on the garage door itself, specifically at the point connected to the rollers. You can use electrical tape to fix that.

Check if the circuit breaker is tripped.

It could be that your electrical service provider put a new circuit breaker in the circuit you are using while installing their new wiring system. Possible Solutions: You will need to reset the circuit breaker and wait 10 minutes, then try turning on your garage door opener again. Call a professional electrician if you still fail to turn on your garage door opener.

Check your remote control unit.

Perhaps you accidentally left the remote control unit turned on, and you didn’t even know about it until now when you were trying to use your garage door opener. Possible Solutions: Press the OPEN button on the remote control to turn off the power, then wait 10 minutes before trying again to turn on your garage door opener.

Check if the door is hitting the beam or hitting any other object.

You may have moved something around in your garage, causing your garage door to hit something, and it may be causing it to stay close or not move at all. Possible Solutions: Move the item that is blocking your garage door from moving so that you can open it again. It could be a car parked in front of your garage door or a box full of things placed on top of your overhead garage door mechanism.

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